Energy eggs

Energy eggs: a strange tradition

Super batteries

The egg super battery charges when it catches the sunlight. The residents of the mountain cities have developed a spiritual ritual around these energy eggs. They place the eggs on the cliffs surrounding their cities where the sun charges the eggs. Once fully charged they lighten up blue. Then an energy carrier prepares himself to collect the eggs. They believe it helps them to never lose their gratitude to our sun and solar system.

Biomimicry: Guillemot egg

Its form is derived from the Guillemot egg. The Guillemot is a sea bird that lays her eggs on steep cliffs. The eggs are self-cleaning and its form is optimized in such way it always roles back in its best position to catch the light. The egg battery is used to power electric devices.

Guillemot birds lay their eggs on steep cliffs

Illustration: Adolphe Millot

Illustration right: George Rankin