Phoenix dome

Organic city built on the ruins of Phoenix (Arizona)

Phoenix dome is the capital of the knowledge community. The city counts several city districts, built inside geodesic domes.

It’s the hometown of renowned thinkers, inventors, philosophers, authors and other influential speakers who teach here.

Photosynthesis architecture

Leafs from green plants:

The architecture of the cities is based on the complex photosynthesis process.

Cross section of a leaf

The mesophyll cells, found inside a plants leaf, contain the most chloroplasts.


Mesophyll cells contain lots of chloroplast organelles.


The architecture of the chloroplast consists of stacked membranes called thylakoids.

Biomimicry: city design

This micro structure inspired the architecture of Phoenix dome. The geodesic dome represents the chloroplast and the residential towers resemble the thylakoid membranes inside chloroplasts.

Inspiration for the domes

A long tradition of sphere and dome architecture.

Picture left: Buckminster Fuller - author photo unknown

Artwork middle left: Hugh Ferriss

Picture middle right : Felix Candela - author photo unknown

Picture right: Expo 67 US pavilion Buckminster Fuller & Shoji Sadao - author photo unknown